Don Thompson
February 22, 2006



A tourist wanting to come here and vacation and play might not know which resorts are leather-friendly and which are not. If that potential visitor goes into Google and puts in the search panel "leather friendly resorts Palm Springs" up will come "Friendly Palm Springs" and lots of resorts but nothing about leather resorts (though leather bars are mentioned further down the page).

Of course no gay resorts that I know are leather-hostile, you are welcome no matter what you choose to wear and do (within reason), but some resorts do cater especially to the leather crowd or are particularly friendly to them and you might pass this info on to any friends that you know who are planning to visit.

Chaps Inn is the first one that comes to mind, with its punning name. "Chaps" is English slang for guys and of course chaps are familiar leather gear and both interpretations are appropriate here, chaps would be very acceptable wear at that resort and the owners are two very British chaps who are very supportive of the community, in fact they welcome drop-in visitors who want to sun and cruise by the pool during the day. There’s a public sling and stocks by the pool and slings can be supplied in the rooms. The resort is in the North end of town on Camino Monte Vista, just a block off Indian Canyon.

Very close, in fact in easy walking distance, is La Posada East, on Mel Avenue. This is an upscale resort run by four hunky Canadian men and they have events planned there all the time which non-residents of the resort are welcome to attend, sometimes for a small fee. Last year they had, among other things, Boyz Fest Private Party, Rentboy Pool Party, A Hallowe’en costume party, Palm Springs Bears Pool Party, Stripperpalooza (a dozen of Hero Models' hottest men in a sensational post-parade party) featuring La Dances, male review, an X-Rated shower show, a fashion show, human snack trays (yum!), Go-Go Gods, contests, prizes and many special surprises and last year the resort was the official host hotel and event sponsor for Leather Pride, featuring an afternoon of "demos" by AVATAR LA and the official Pool party and BBQ for Leather Pride. The resort itself is very attractive and so are its owners!

The Desert Bear is also on Mel Ave, just a couple of blocks from La Posada. As its name implies, it caters especially for those who consider themselves "bears" but the owners have often hosted leather events there, such as the Palm Springs Leather Order of the Desert pool parties and potlucks and leather folk are welcome and encouraged.

Another really leather-friendly and also upscale resort is Terrazzo, on East Palm Canyon, a block West of Sunrise. Doug and Tom, the owners, are leather guys themselves. The resort has a gym and provides meals to order and encourages couples as well as singles (it’s not the kind of drop-in and pick-up joint that some resorts are elsewhere in the town – I won’t mention names but you know what I’m talking about!). It’s a lovely resort, fairly small, and the rooms are exceptional. Both Terrazzo and Chaps Inn have ads elsewhere in "Talk." The resort is centrally located for leather men, being between the two leather bars, The ToolShed and The Barracks and not too far from either.

Finally, at the other end of town from the first few resorts mentioned is Black Palm, a specifically leather section of Ambiente Inn. This resort is in Cathedral City, just across from the more notorious CCBC and hence staggering distance from The Barracks. Owned by another Brit (what is this about Englishmen and leather?), this resort has also participated in major events, such as hosting the victory party after the Mr. Palm Springs Leather contest and having specific fetish weekends. So spread the word and have your friends support the leather-friendly resorts.